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hm, 2011-11-01 12:02

APIE PRAGARĄ... IŠGIRSKIT, ką sako pats Izraelio Dievas YAHUSHUA-YAHUWAH (Sūnus ir Tėvas yra Viena) mūsų kartai per savo pasirinktus pranašus... Informacija paimta iš Trumpetcallofgodonline. com saito. Laiškas (VISAS) pavadinimu "Proclaim NOT the Hell of the Church of Men...In Their Word is No Mercy Found, Only the Makings of Satan": 1/14/06 From God The Father - A Letter Given to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear Thus says The Lord: Listen, all you churches of men!... Shall I, even I, torment My beloved, they who are tormented continually by he who is, and has, torment in his vesture?!... Satan is the tormentor!... Unknowingly, you My children, by your own mouths have called your God, satan! Repent therefore, and mend your ways! Forsake all your corrupt and evil teachings!... Become, again, a child of God, and learn to walk uprightly in Me, Leading others into love, by love, not fear. The second death is that grave, from which one shall not be raised, nor awakened, for they have been cast out... Abiding in outer darkness, forever separated from God and their part in life. These know not anything, forevermore returning to that which they were formed from. This is the eternal state of My punishment for those who have chosen death, by their forsaking of My Gift wherein is life everlasting. So then, they under condemnation are dead... In no way are they part of the living, nor are they living in torment. Their inheritance is lost, they have been blotted out... A broken vessel of dishonor, received by the earth once again. Stop blaspheming your God!... Have greater understanding of My mercies, which endure forever... My Son did sleep in the lower parts of the earth, His tomb, for three days and three nights... By no means did He descend into the evils of man’s imaginings. He is The Pure Light!... Never has He had any part in darkness... He shall destroy it utterly! HE IS RISEN! And all those, who follow and believe in Him, Shall also rise and live, meeting Him in the air... Forever shall they be with their Lord and their God, Where all shall find mercy and love. Amen.

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